Youth Development Program

We provide youth and young adults, ages, 6 through 21, opportunities to engage with positive, experienced men and women, who assist them with education, awareness, building personal and interpersonal skills, personal and professional development, along with other needs as we help increase their opportunities for present and future success. We serve our youth through several channels including career days, youth development projects, college ACT/SAT preparatory classes, and more.





Makes A Difference

All youth and young adults, age 6 through 24, are eligible to enroll into our mentoring program. Our program consist of three sub groups including the youth group, age 6 through 12, teen group, ages 13 through 18, and the young adult group, ages 19 through 24. Our program shows no bias to any ethnicity, religion, or gender. Our mentors will provide several channels of mentoring including 1 on 1, small group, team, and peer to peer. We will help our youth enhance in key areas including support and guidance, academic enhancement, and interpersonal/personal relationships. We will focus on eliminating key issues among today’s youth including low self esteem, depression, and victimization, as we focus on topics including health, sex, crime, education, sports, arts, and much more. We will also assist our teen groups as they prepare for SATs and ACTs. Our program prepares our youth and young adults for future experiences both personally and professionally, as they develop in areas of leadership, character, career development, along with several other skills needed to help them to grow into positive, successful men and women of tomorrow.

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