Career Enhancement Program

We provide assistance to unemployed individuals, and employed individuals seeking greater job opportuni-ties. We create a platform that enables unemployed individuals, inspiring entrepreneurs, and business pro-fessionals the opportunity to network with individuals and businesses in your specific market. Our primary objective is to help decrease state and U.S. unemploy-ment rates, while increasing business sales, revenue, and resources. We obtain these goals by providing leads on job openings through job post boards, industry networking events, seminars, and much more.






Business Professionals


Real Estate


Minority Business

Women Minority Business



Non Profit Business


All individuals are eligible to enroll in our program. Our assistance is available to the public five days a week, Monday through Friday, 9a to 5p. All interested individuals will be able to access and enroll in our program on our online website at We use sources such as job posting boards, as well as our business resource indexes to assist individuals in developing their careers. Our program shows no bias to any ethnicity, religion, or gender. All interested individuals are required to go through an application and screening process to determine eligibility and placement. We assist in connecting unemployed individuals, and individuals who currently employed seeking greater opportunity, with available career opportunities within our community. As we achieve this objective we’re able to help lower U.S. unemployment rates.



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